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Onasill ~ Bill Badzo posted a photo: Chicago Illinois - Torco Building (Columbia College Chicago)  Blackstone Hotel 624 South Michigan Avenue was built by Eckstorm in 1908 as an seven-story building to house the Chicago Musical College, a concern headed by Florenz Ziegfield Sr., father of Broadway Follies producer Flo Ziegfield, Jr. A seven-story addition was designed and built in 1922 by Alfred Alschuler. The building was renamed the Blum Building and housed the studios of a dance school and boutique women’s clothiers. Tenants in the building in the 1920s included Augustus Eugene Bournique’s dancing schools and two select women’s clothiers, Stanley Korshak’s Blackstone Shop and Blum’s Vogue. Brick clad with classical detailing, this 15-story building retains its stunning a marble and brass lobby. Columbia College acquired the building in 1990 and it now houses a five-story library, classrooms, departmental offices, student and faculty lounges and the college’s bookstore.
The Blackstone Hotel is a historic 290-foot (88 m) 21-story hotel located on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Balbo Drive in the Michigan Boulevard Historic District in the Loop community area of Chicago, Illinois. The Blackstone is famous for hosting celebrity guests, including numerous U.S. presidents, for which it was known as the "Hotel of Presidents" for much of the 20th century,[2] and for contributing the term "smoke-filled room" to political parlance
Beaux Arts-style Blackstone Renaissance Chicago Hotel, A Marriott Lifestyle Hotel.
Thomas Hawk posted a photo: A Love Song

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